Stillwater Food

Stillwater Food

Our kitchen is run by chef Brett Milligan, who draws his inspiration from New Orleans cuisine, giving it his own unique twist.

Our current menu is comprises small plates, which are the perfect size to enjoy as a bar snack, or to mix and match for sharing. We’re working on a full range menu, which will launch in August, at which time we will also be opening for brunch at the weekends.

A large number of our plates are available as gluten free and we also aim to accomodate any food allergies – please let us know about these requests at the time of booking.

All dishes are £6.50.

Boudin Blanc Scotch Egg
Soft boiled Burford Brown egg wrapped in boudin blanc sausage with a Cuffs & Buttons creole mustard dip.

Cajun Fried Chicken & Fries
Boneless crispy crumbed chicken thigh, cajun fries, country gravy and creoleslaw.
(Also available as vegetarian chicken)

Stillwater Seafood Basket
Scallops, shrimp, catfish and fries with homemade tartare and bloody mary cocktail sauces.

Southern Mac & Cheese (v)
Elbow macaroni in a mature cheddar sauce with chopped pimento.

Boudin Bites
Crispy crumbed balls of boudin noir and boudin blanc with a buttermilk ranch dip.

Bayou Fries
Cajun fries with a smoky ham and sausage gravy and topped with cheese sauce.

Hush Puppies (v)
Corn, cheese, chilli, onion and beer batter fritters with chipotle barbecue dip.

Blackened Chicken Caesar Salad
Cajun spiced chicken thigh served on traditional Caesar salad with homemade dressing – this might be the best Caesar you’ll ever eat.

Lafayette Legs
Cajun fried frog legs with Louisiana hot sauce and blue cheese dip.

Dry Spiced Okra (v)
Seasoned okra charred in a hot skillet, with buttermilk ranch dip.

Cuffs & Buttons Peach Cobbler (v)
Bourbon, vanilla and cinnamon soaked peaches with a sweet biscuit topping and dairy vanilla ice cream.

Crispy Pork Rinds £2

Pecan Pralines £2